Special Delivery

Yesterday saw Wonton and Egg Roll leave to their new, forever families. It was a special “delivery” like one we’d never had before.

You see, “the boys” got first class accommodations to their new home. They were picked up by their own pair of pilots and flew home in their own private jet! I handed the boys off to the pilots (nicest guys ever, and they raved about what a nice family Wonton was going to, and Egg Roll’s also since I was not able to meet them in person like I usually do on Puppy Delivery Day. Although I had been corresponding with both families for months so I felt like a new them a bit already).

Let me explain, Wonton and Egg Roll’s “moms” are friends and their kiddos are best friends so they got on our list quite a while ago in hopes of getting litter mates so the kids and puppies could all play together. And it worked out.

But they were on a trip and couldn’t make it to our regular Puppy Delivery Day. In the case where someone cannot make it to Spokane to pick up their puppy on our scheduled delivery day we occasionally will hold one over a bit if our schedule permits. Since the pups only stayed two extra days it wasn’t a big issue. But then special arrangements need to be made for the family to come get their puppy. And as we can see Wonton and Egg Roll had really special arrangements made for their travel home. The plane needed to land in Spokane as our local airport wasn’t big enough. Then the pilots rented a car and drove to our local town where I met them. (They could not come clear to our home because we live on the reservation which is currently closed to outside visitors because of covid restrictions.)

My puppies travel better than I do! bhahaha!

I got updates throughout the day from Chris (one of the pilots). “They we’re extremely well behaved in both the car and airplane.”

This one made me chuckle….”(pictured in the cockpit) “Captain Wonton…I understand he’ll now be a regular onboard. Looks like I’ll have to fight to keep my seat though!”


And updates from both families….

Wonton now Buco’s mom wrote, “We are settled in now, the kids were so excited and beyond belief!  The dogs are so well behaved and absolutely beautiful.”

And Egg Roll’s mom shared, “My girls are thrilled and were so surprised today!  We’ve named him Newman.”

It doesn’t get much better than that! Happy life, puppies! <3


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6 Responses to Special Delivery

  1. karen beaver says:

    what an adventure – good they got to travel together –

  2. Claudia Knauss says:

    Lucky, lucky families!! Those two have been such cuties since Day 1!!!! And they’ll still get to be buddies🥰🐶😉

  3. myerxa says:

    Awesome to have such an adventure!

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