Oakley’s Aussalier babies turned three weeks old on Tuesday. They are as cute as can be!

They love their new big house and are starting to toddle around it more. In fact, remember my previous post about putting the floor clear to the bottom so there was a barrier at the door? Well, someone already managed to climb over that thing! Although, I think they got a little boast from the fluffy bed next to the door.

They’re not really playing with each other or the toys yet, but I caught one of them with her face in the kibble trying to “gum” the food down already! So now Oakley’s puppy kibble is getting soaked in case the pups want to munch on it.

And we have names!

“Indigo”~ Blue Merle Male

“Navy”~Blue Merle Female (with spot on head)

“Sable”~Tricolor Female

“Azure”~Blue Merle Female (big girl)

At three weeks the first three are weighing between 1# 7 oz-1# 15 oz. And our big girl (Azure) is a whole pound bigger than the other three weighing in at 2# 15 oz! Wow!

Quinn got to say “hi” to her cousins. ❤️


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