I can’t believe it

A few weeks ago I sent out an email to everyone on our Aussalier waiting list. Many times people will send an application to get on our list and then never respond again. So I wanted to make sure everyone on the list was still interested in being on the list, whether they were interested in the current litter or if they wanted to be removed, had already found a puppy elsewhere or whatever the circumstance may be. I also posted the same message on a blog post (and why it’s so important for anyone on either our Aussalier list or our Cavapoo list to subscribe to the blog and check posts for important information) in case the email had ended up in their spam folder or something.

My Aussalier list was around 50 people. After sending out the message, I removed those that did not respond (I let them know in both messages that if I didn’t hear back I would assume they were no longer interested in being on our list). I also removed those that let me know they had found a puppy elsewhere. There were a few of the remaining who were interested in our current litter and some that wanted to stay on the list but either weren’t ready or are in Canada. (With the borders closed getting puppies home is just to uncertain right now.)

My list is now down to about twenty people. I have gone through the whole thing and still have one puppy left.

I am not making her available to the general public yet.

If you are (or were) on my list and have changed your mind or I left a message or email and didn’t hear back from you and you are interested in this little tyke, please call or email me asap. If nobody from the current (or pre-revised) list is interested then I will make her available to the general population.

Look at that itty bitty furry paw!😍

She’s just the sweetest little cupcake🧁

This is Sable, a small tricolor female. She is sweet, playful and comes in a small package. She has a petite build, small head, smaller bone and I believe will stay on the smaller side, I’m guessing 10-12 lbs at most.

I will be picky about where she goes because of her small size.

For those on the list waiting for a later date for an Aussalier puppy, Oakley’s next litter will most likely be a purebred Australian Shepherd litter (if Cody passes his health clearances and everything goes as planned). My plan is to keep a daughter from her before she retires. She will likely have one last litter of Aussaliers after that and then retire to a life of leisure on the farm. (Except Oakley is to “leisurely” as she likes to keep busy). 😉

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27 Responses to I can’t believe it

  1. Jenise Smith says:

    Sable is precious!!

    Do you think the cavapoo list will have a status update soon, as well? (Fingers crossed)

  2. Julie niblett says:

    I can’t believe it either! Sable is soooo cute!! I thought for sure she’d be snagged up quick! I hope she finds a loving home soon ❤️❤️❤️

  3. Raphael K says:

    She is the cutest I’m shocked she wasn’t picked up, we joined the email digest waiting for the cavapoo list to open up but it’s been so cool to learn about these adorable pups, we didn’t even know this mix existed. we might change our plans haha

  4. Traci Williams says:

    We’ve been following the cavapoo list hoping for it to reopen. Sable is adorable and we would be interested if you open to the general public.

  5. Sandi Grant says:

    Omg. I am in Canada but if you can keep her for a couple of days I will figure something out. I have family in Oregon and I can ask the go help. Failing ghat I can fly in.

  6. Lindsay DeVellis says:

    Hi Jennifer and Duane,
    I’m interested in your aussaliers but am just waiting for the waiting list to open up again. Please let me know if no one speaks up for beautiful Sable.

  7. Jerda Smeltzer says:

    Like all of your fans, I’m waiting with great anticipation and crossed finger. Sable is precious! She will bring love and light to whomever is lucky enough to become her forever parents.

  8. Cathy Husen says:

    She is adorable! Yes! I’m interested and have been waiting to get on your list. My husband and I were just marveling at her cuteness from your last post!

  9. Megan Bristow says:

    Please let us know if she is open to the general public. Our Family would love to be considered.

  10. Kaylynne Rice says:

    I would take her in a minute! Do you know when your applications will be open to get on your waiting list?

  11. Marlene says:

    She is absolutely gorgeous. Unfortunately I am in Canada so it’s impossible for me to take her.😥 Please let me know when you open your waitlist again.

  12. Kevin Kirschbaum says:

    Very interested in Sable and we’re in Des Moines, WA and would pick her up in person.
    I’ve raised two runt pugs before and know how to take care of a small breed. I’ve already got everything I need for a new puppy to come home but just haven’t been able to hookup with the right breeder at the right time for an Aussalier. I don’t care if she isn’t like the popular Merles I think she is special because her siblings are all Merles. She really is a standout to us for sure. I will fill out the application when available. We have the perfect setup currently at our home. As you can tell I’m really enthusiastic about a new puppy in our family.


  13. Kevin Kirschbaum says:

    Ahhh sad to hear that she is unavailable but very happy to hear she was matched to a family. Another breeder in Oregon/Vancouver, WA female is having puppies in a few days, so hoping we’re matched. Thanks again for the update on Sable.

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