Sable needs a home

Sable’s home fell through because of her size. Yes, she will be small. My guess is 10-12 lbs and I’m leaning towards the small end of that guess. She is built very petite with small bone structure.

She is sweet, playful and a bit independent (we can thank the Aussie genes for that) but still likes to cuddle.

She will be ready to go home Sunday, September 13th and you must be able to meet me in Spokane that day. If you are interested in being considered for her, please go to our website and fill out (and submit) both applications forms with as much information as you can. Here are the links.

Adoption Form-part 1

Adoption Form-part 2

After you have done that, please email me at to let me know that step is complete (since the link is messed up and the applications are not getting to me email).

After I get the applications (I’m sure we will get a few), I will review them and decide who I think will be the best fit for her. (If you have small children or a large dog, please don’t apply as I don’t think either would be a good fit for her because of her size).

Our Aussaliers are $2000. If you are out of state a health certificate is required which is an additional $60. Since we are only three weeks away from when she goes home, the complete amount will need to be paid after she is matched.


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5 Responses to Sable needs a home

  1. Amina Wolf says:

    Such a cutie!!!

  2. Colleen M Morrissey says:

    She’s adorable! I’d be campaigning if we didn’t have a large dog, tho she’s super gentle with little ones 🙂

  3. Diana Hanson says:

    If nobody already on your wait list comes through, I will take it as a sign from God 🙂

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