Shifting around

Well, it was time to do some moving. Oakley’s puppies definitely needed a bigger puppy pen for when they weren’t out roaming the house. And Joys’ chubby babies needed to move too.

So Oakley’s puppies got to go upstairs to the puppy room to the big puppy playpen. The nice thing about this is the added space for them to play and we can now introduce them to the crate. The bad thing is I’ll be making a lot of trips up and down the stairs. (I guess that’s ultimately a good thing because I need the exercise).

Joy and her babies seem to be enjoying their new space too.

And all in good time, because Sage is due soon for her pre-natal beauty treatment and she’ll be taking over Joy’s big crate!

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4 Responses to Shifting around

  1. karen beaver says:

    Everybody is just growing so quickly – beautiful pups and the mom’s are pretty cute as well –

  2. Cathy Husen says:

    Love them!!

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