Updates on puppies and the fires

Time for an update while my battery still lasts (hubby just turned off the generator for a bit)!

Yesterday was check-up time for puppy check-ups. My truck was still hooked up to the horse trailer and a few things were packed in the truck. So we had to do a bit of unpacking and unhitching first. Then puppies came out for a quick potty break before loading up.

The potty break turned into puppy wrestling!

Heading down the driveway looks a bit different. Usually I can see the river from here.

The puppies did well on the trip to the vet. Nobody got carsick on our windy road which is a plus.

We still have to wait in the parking lot while the pups go in without us. But they had a break in the bed of the truck before and after their appointment.

Loaded up and ready to head home.

Lunch was lip-smackin’ good!

The drive home.

This is a favorite view point along the river that I like to take pictures from. You can barely see the island in the bottom right of the picture.

Here’s what the same spot looks like when it’s not fire season.

Almost home.

And now for the fire update. The fires (I believe there are four on the reservation. The reservation is large, consisting of over 2 million acres!) started Monday morning. Our small local tribal fire/EMS department and the tribal foresty fire department were all we had working on this fire round the clock for the first two days. Thankfully, today the state has taken over and brought in many more resources so they can get a handle on it.

The closest fire to us is burning a bit south (I believe. It’s hard to tell where it’s at) and west of us over a few mountains. So we just stay watchful and keep checking updates.

Oh, and my “baby”, he’s home safe now. <3

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4 Responses to Updates on puppies and the fires

  1. Cathy Husen says:

    The pups are adorable, getting cuter every day. How is that possible? Glad reinforcements arrived and your baby is home! Praying for your safety.

  2. karen beaver says:

    The photo’s really tell the story – glad all is well – the pups are just beautiful –

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