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I know many, many of you have been waiting for news about our Cavapoo waiting list. It’s still not quite open, but I do want to update everyone.

We closed our list because it had gotten very, very long and I didn’t feel like we should keep adding more and more people. Especially since we had a few moms retire (some planned, some unplanned) which kind of a slowed down the number of puppies we had available this spring/summer.

I’m slowing working my way through the list contacting those that had gotten on quite  a while ago but for whatever reason have not reached out when we’ve had available puppies. (More explanation about that in a later blog post). (And I know those northern neighbor families of ours haven’t been able to do much with the closed borders). This way I’m hoping to remove some names that are just “sitting” on our list and not doing anything towards being matched with a puppy in hopes of getting the list a bit shorter. I understand between when a person/family applies to get on the list and when they get a puppy that life can throw curve balls and things can change. Also some people get on more than one breeder’s waiting list and end up getting a puppy elsewhere and forget to let us know they know longer need to be on our waiting list. (If you happen to be someone on our Cavapoo waiting list and no longer want/need to be on it, please shoot me an email and let me know.)

It looks like our fall/winter will be a bit busier than spring/summer has been. At the moment we have Joy’s puppies who are all matched and going home a week from Sunday. Then we have Hazel’s singleton Cavapoo and Sage’s nine F1b Cavapoos which will be matched with families already on our waiting list on Sunday, 11th. Gracie is very pregnant and should be delivering her babies within the next 24 hours! Her temperature has dropped and she is getting restless (sure signs of impending labor and delivery). We have another girl that was bred but not confirmed pregnant yet. By next week we will be able to do an ultrasound and confirm one way or the other with her. Then one other girl has recently been bred. We’ll have to wait another month to know if she is expecting. So as you can see, things are picking up around here! Thankfully, the litters will be spread out a bit to make things quite manageable, crazy, but manageable. 😉

Even though quite a few people have been matched with puppies since we closed the list in April and several have been taken off for other reasons, our list is still long. I just want people to understand when we do reopen it that there will still be a substantial wait for a puppy. There are so many variables when we’re dealing with humans and animals it’s hard to nail down a wait time. But from past experience my guess is when we reopen and start adding more people, the wait time will probably be between 12-18 months for a puppy. That is just a guesstimate. It will depend on how many new people get added on the list (and I’m expecting quite a few) and what each person wants in a puppy. For example someone that says; “I don’t care what color or gender, I just want a Cavapoo” they might be waiting less than a year. Where someone that says, “I want a red/apricot female”. That will be closer to the 18 month wait.

So with that said, hopefully everyone understands that this is a process and when you decide to apply and get on our list there will be a wait and you need to be patient with the process.  I will have more news next week to share about the list (and hopefully a reopening date! Please do not fill out the application until the reopening date).

**This news only applies to our Cavapoo waiting list. If you are interested in an Aussalier,  that list is still closed. We have enough people on it already and don’t expect to have another Aussalier litter for about a year.**



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  1. Staci Garrison says:

    Yay! Thank you for the update.

  2. Kim Kline says:

    Thank you for the news/updates!❤️

  3. Cathy Husen says:

    Thank you for the update. It’s great to have a clear explanation of the process. It makes waiting for the “waiting list” a little easier.

  4. Sheena Hudson says:

    Love this update! Can’t wait for the list to reopen!

  5. Jerda Smeltzer says:

    I’m pretty sure I heard a collective squeal of excitement from your adoring fan base! But maybe it was me making all the noise. Very welcome news. Thank you for always keeping everyone up to date!

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