So much to do

I know this week is going to fly by! It always does the last week that a litter of puppies are here. I mean it’s already Tuesday (how did that happen?!)

Tomorrow the puppies go in for their check-ups, microchips and health certificates (those that need them). Which means today I’ll be typing up their puppy health sheets for the vet and email her the information for those getting health certificates so the staff can write those out ahead of time. When took our first litter in to our vet years ago, she had pink and blue forms she would fill out for each puppy. It wasn’t long before I asked for a master copy that I could fill out ahead of time. She sent me the file. So now I fill one out on each puppy ahead of time so there’s less to do when we go in for our appointment.

Then there are puppy packets to get ready, baby blankets to make and everything that needs to be done as we prepare to send these cuties off to their forever homes. And of course, continue to work and play with the pups.

Getting ready for breakfast

Hurry up mom!

Nom, nom, nom!

Potty area between crates for a quick place to go after getting out of their crates.

And now for a break outside. I threw some snow in the pen so they could check it out.

They didn’t stay outside too long since it’s so cold.

Now time for me to do some more dishes.

“This cheese stuff is yummy!”

Trying to get them in smaller groups so they’re less dependent on each other, giving individual puppy time and lots of time to play and have fun of course!

Gracie’s puppies are doing great and starting to get a bit more active.

We’ve got the new baby (still unnamed, but I’m getting some good suggestions) to work with each day.

And then there’s Glory! She is due anytime and and seems a bit restless. I told her she can have babies on Thursday, Friday or Saturday. Wednesday and Sunday are out because I have puppy appointments! I hope she listens…..

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