Little rompers!

These guys have been a fun bunch! But now it’s time for them to leave. They will be meeting their forever families tomorrow. Previously we had planned to keep two of them for an extra week since their families already had some plans. We usually prefer our puppies go home all together and get established with their new families’ routine as soon as they can, but we were able to make plans to keep them.

Well, plans change and both families are now able to meet us tomorrow to pick up their puppies!

So enjoy the fun pictures of this bunch one more time. The next pictures of them will be with their forever families! <3


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4 Responses to Little rompers!

  1. Kim Kline says:

    Have loads of fun with your new families, little buddies!!🥰

  2. Claudia Knauss says:

    We will miss seeing these rompers for sure!
    Jennifer, where do you find all the hard plastic, primary colored toys that your pups , climb, walk over and go through? They seem smaller, even, than preschool size, and SO fun? Have a great day tomorrow making family’s dreams come true!

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