More puppy details

Well, I have an updated list of everyone that has reached out and interested in Glory’s puppies that we’ll be matching on Sunday. We’ve had a couple remove themselves and a few more that got added on. This is the final list, in the order I will be contacting people.

  • Joan S
  • Denise A
  • Amelia M
  • Jennifer L
  • Manu C
  • Kim W
  •  Traci W
  • Nicole D
  • Kim K
  • Humberto G
  • Michael G
  • Janey K
  • Sarah R
  • Thaiha N
  • Samantha C
  • Jennifer M
  • Lois M
  • Jerda S
  • Natasha B
  • Berna & Ian M
  • Andrea J
  • Rupa N
  • Christine Y
  • Patti M

And now for a few more puppy details…

This has been a pretty uniform litter. We don’t have any ginormous puppies or any teeny puppies. At their six-week weigh-in their ranged from the smallest (McLaren) 3# 3 oz to the largest (Mercedes) at 4# 1 oz with everyone else falling in between. That is not a big difference for a litter of six puppies. My educated guess is these pups will fall into the “average” range of 15-20 lbs. There is never a guarantee on size, but this is my best guess looking at their size now and how they’ve been growing, bone structure, etc.

Personality-wise, within each litter we usually have the outgoing, bold, adventurous one, the pup that is the first one out of the pen, first one to crawl in your lap, first one to check out a new toy, etc. That seems to be Mr. Bentley.

Then we usually have the “quiet” puppy that sits back and observes when introduced to something new (situation, toy, etc). They seem to be more cautious and observant, but honestly in a couple weeks you won’t see much difference between the leader and this one. I would say McLaren is the closest to this personality, but she’s not as quiet and reserved as some puppies we’ve had in past litters.

The rest of the pups are what I would consider middle-of-the-pack. But like I mentioned about regarding size and how they are pretty uniform, there doesn’t seem to be a big difference in personality or energy level in the girls. All of these puppies are happy, friendly and playful. I don’t think you could go wrong with any one of them! <3

And now for a little dewclaw explanation. As I mentioned in the album and some other posts, these puppies still have their front dewclaws. We usually remove them when the pups are a few days old, but there was enough stuff going on around here during that time, that it just didn’t get done. I find that since the Cavapoo is a hairy breed that will be going to the groomer, it is just better if the dewclaws are not there. If an owner forgets about trimming them (because of the hair growth they will be hidden on the lower leg), the nail can grow so long, it will circle back around and grow into the pad. Plus when they go in for grooming it’s easier to use clippers on a smooth leg without worrying about getting hung up on the dewclaw. So I just want all the new families to be aware that they have another toenail to trim. It’s not a big deal, it’s just something to remember to trim.

Here’s an example of the front dewclaws on Cajsa and Ben (before I trimmed them). I used them as an example because they’re pretty easy to see on a big dog.

All dogs are born with front dewclaws, but not all dogs are born with rear dewclaws. Some breeds do have them on the rear legs. This is Ben’s rear dewclaw. It’s a bit floppier than the front one. He is half Great Pyrenees and half Newfoundland, both breeds that do have rear dewclaws.

And here’s a very special Cavapoo puppy named Bugatti (who looks like a baby Ben) who actually has a rear dewclaw on only one of her hind legs. And since I did not remove the fronts, I failed to check the rear legs for any (because we rarely see hind ones on Cavapoos), so it got left on there too. So whoever gets Bugatti gets one more toenail to trim! hehe Don’t worry, it’s not a big deal and I will show you how to trim toenails when I meet to give you your puppy!

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