More fun

Amber puppies are slowly figuring out the ramp. They are great at going up but sometimes still a little hesitant going down it. But they’re getting it and going quicker and quicker exiting and entering the puppy pen.

I helped them out of the pen this morning to get them started. Myrrh was the first one “at the gate” and ready to play. Next came Star and then Frankie.

Good boy! He went back into the puppy pen to use the litter box.

She ran all the way through the tunnel to use the other litter box.

The poor old tunnel is well used and stained.

Hey, cute face!

While sleepyheads Goldie and Angel hung back in the crate not wanting to leave their comfy bed for a while. Finally they woke up and decided to join the fun!


Wake up, girls! You’re missing all the fun.

These are a bit blurry but you can still catch her enthusiasm!

They are sure having fun!

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4 Responses to More fun

  1. Paula Krant says:

    I so appreciate all the toys, different experiences, and social activities you create for the puppies. Your attention to all they need to be social, well balanced and very special pets is so evident! ❤️

  2. Kim Kline says:

    Pure sweetness🥰💓💓

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