A long weekend

Sorry, things have been quiet the past couple days. Once I share what was going on this weekend you’ll understand why 😉

The weekend that we have Puppy Deliveries is always busy as I am getting everything ready to send home with puppies, keeping in touch with their families and getting organized for the day. I try to have everything in the puppy packets done and packed before we take off doggie business on Friday night for our “day off”.

I want the puppies clean to meet their families so Saturday night (after sundown) the work starts again with puppy baths and pampering, then they’re tucked in for the night.

This weekend was a bit busier that usual starting with Hazel’s late night delivery on Friday! (More details on that coming tomorrow). I’m so thankful she got this done before Sunday and hubby would be home to monitor them.

And besides needing to do puppy baths Saturday night, I needed to help a friend breed her dog. And when a female is ready for the male, there’s no rescheduling for another day. Timing is everything!

Saturday night duties finished and I got to bed fairly early (for me 😛 ). Then it was up early to  start the day by feeding the puppies. I want to make sure they get breakfast early enough that they have time to potty before we hit the road.

All loaded and ready to hit the road!

We made the trip safely to Spokane with clear, dry roads. Then it was time for the puppies to have a potty break and stretch their legs in the back of the truck. I put the pups back in their crate in the truck and gave them some food. Since they had breakfast a couple hours early this would count for an early lunch before they headed to their respective homes (some by car and some traveling by plane with their new families).

Then it’s time to go over puppy packets and paperwork with the families and answer questions. After then it was the exciting time of introducing each pup to their new family! <3

Myrrh now Ruby

Frankie now Quinn

Star now Emmy

Angel now Maisie

I know you’re all wondering, “where’s Goldie?” Well, Goldie had a special trip planned with a flight nanny who would personally deliver her to her new mom on Monday. We much prefer to meet our families in person and have them pick up their own puppy, but occasionally a flight nanny helps us out. Goldie’s family are repeat adopters so that was helpful and willing to pay the extra $$$ to get her delivered.

The pups had one more adventure together in the truck bed “playground” so they could get some wiggles out and use the restroom facilities before they headed off with their new families.


Then I had a special lunch “date”. Of course, Goldie got to be part of it too!

She had fun just perching on top of her crate while we sat and visited in the truck.

Then the humans got lunch while puppy had a nap in her crate. After nap it was time for some more love and cuddles.

Later in the afternoon I headed to my kid’s house. Goldie had to meet her flight nanny early the next morning and thankfully I booked a room at the kid’s “hotel” for the night, which is only about a twenty minute drive from the airpot.

Meeting Rousey

Rousey knows something is under that blanket.

We had relaxing evening just hanging out.

Rousey looked a little unsure of her mom spending so much time with the little visitor.

It looks like a truce has been called and they’re both happy and relaxed.

Goldie is conked out and ready for bed.

She slept all night quietly in her crate, but I had to wake her up about 4:00 am so she had time to potty and have some breakfast before we headed to the airport where we had to meet the nanny at 5:30 am.

Waiting at the airport for the flight nanny. All bundled up because she had one last potty break in the back of the truck at the airport and it was cold and windy!

A travel picture from the nanny.

Finally in the arms of her new mom!

And of course since I was in Spokane and now “puppy-less” I had to do a bit of shopping before the long drive home. I had just enough time to unload the groceries and then help my friend with her dog breeding “project” another time. And then it was time for bed!

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