I love spots!

And spots is what we got when Hazel delivered her three gorgeous Cavapoo puppies on Friday night! The first two were good-sized and the third was a bit smaller. But all three have been steadily gaining weight each day and are looking like little butterballs!

We have one tricolor male and two black and white females.

Now, Puppy Matching Day will be a little tricky. The Sunday I would normally set-up for phone calls and matching is the day we have scheduled to deliver Oakley’s pups to their new owners. The following Sunday after that is Easter and that would only be two weeks before these pups would be leaving for their new homes.

So the best thing I can come up with is to make phone calls on Monday, March 29th (the day after Oakley’s puppy delivery day) and start matching puppies. It may take me a couple days since they are work days and not the weekend, but since there are only three pups it shouldn’t take too long. (P.S. if I don’t get home to late on Sunday I may start calls then so be ready) 😀

Then Puppy Delivery Day for Hazel’s pups will be Sunday, April 18th.

Sooooooo…..if you are already on our waiting list (you sent the application and fee and got word from me that you are officially on our Cavapoo waiting list) and can be available for a phone call on Monday, March 29th and can meet me in Spokane to pick up your puppy on Sunday, April 18th, please shoot me an email and let me know you’d like to be added to Hazel’s litter list for puppy matching. (I will add names to her list up until noon on Friday the 26th. And I will post names in the order they are on the main waiting list the week leading up to puppy matching day so you can see where your name falls).

And for those not on our list, we are still not taking any new applications and the waiting list is still closed. It will probably be months before it reopens unless a lot of people get matched with puppies or they decide to drop off the list. When we have any new news about the list reopening we will surely post it on a blog post though.

And now just for fun….Did you ever lay on the ground when you were a kid and look up at the clouds trying to make out different objects? Well, I sometimes I do that when we have puppies with patches of color.

Tell me what you see.


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6 Responses to I love spots!

  1. Manu Caiafa says:

    I love spots too! They so beautiful!🐶❤️

  2. Joan Spear says:

    Love them! so tiny tiny

  3. I see a hidden Mickey on the first one!

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