The Arizona kids!

Oakley’s puppies must be drinking pure cream because they are little butterballs. Their chunky little toddler legs are taking them on little adventures in the living room and they are having fun chewing on each other! They are nibbling on soaked puppy food, but they still like mom’s milkshakes the best. And they’re doing great with their litter box.

Here they are in their four-week-old portraits.

And some adventuring they did in the living room.

They got really excited when mom came back from her break outside. She sure makes them work for their food as she hardly holds still to let them nurse. Good thing they’re persistent!

Mom makes the best jungle gym!

She’s such a good mama❤️



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6 Responses to The Arizona kids!

  1. Al Krant says:

    Beautiful pups💕

  2. Manu Caiafa says:

    Beautiful puppies!❤️🐶

  3. Robinne Lee says:

    My goodness! What an absolute stunning litter!!!

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