I’m late!

With the busy weekend and update on the new litter I haven’t had a chance to share about the Poodles. I did five-week-old pictures that I haven’t even shared yet!

And I messed up and took their new pictures in the red wagon which I usually use for four-week-old pictures. (I have different backgrounds, boxes and blankets that I use for the same age on each litter. It helps me when I look back to know how old the pups were and also I don’t have to think about what I’m going to use each week.)

So just for fun since they’re in the same wagon, I’ll post their four and five week old pictures so you can compare their growth in a week. At least I used a different background color! 😉




And they’ve got from quiet little toddlers to active little puppies in the past few days and graduated to the puppy room and a bigger house.

Upstairs we go!

The new pen is all set up with the divider and the low litter boxes right outside the crate door.

Checking out their new home.

Han is breaking in the new bathroom

And they got real collars. Han has silver.

Luke has red.

And Princess Leia has orange.

Stay tuned for more Poodle adventures!

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