Poodle adventures

Our last purebred Poodle litter was about a year ago and I forget how much fun they are! They just have such fun, happy, busy little personalities. And we’ve decided to keep them around for an extra week just because our precious “Princess” is so petite. I’d like her to grow and gain a bit more weight before she goes home. (Our concern with little puppies is hypoglycemia. Sometimes when they transition to a new home they don’t eat as well to start off with and can get that low blood sugar crash). Thankfully her brothers’ new families have agreed to let them stay the extra week with her.

So we’ll just keep the adventures and training going!

They are practicing going outside for some potty breaks. And while they’re outside they have gotten to meet Cajsa through the fence.

Can you see the puppy in the shadow?

And they’re meeting the other dogs like the teenagers (Quinn, Nico and Winter), Reba and Hope. And today they got to meet their “cousins” the Aussaliers (through the pen of course). We’ll see if we can put those two litters together for playtime once the Aussaliers are a bit older.

Don’t worry. They are not left unattended around all those cords).

Fun times!


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  1. seedison says:

    Are these toy poodles? How big do they get?

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