A busy morning

The Poodles had another venture outdoors this morning after breakfast for some potty time. They seem to enjoy their little jaunts outdoors. I had to put Nico and Winter in the house while the pups were outside though. I think they think the Poodles are just little wind-up toys and all they want to do is sit on the outside of the puppies’ exercise pen and bark at them. *sigh

Thankfully Quinn, just thought she needed to stay close and babysit them. She’s such a sweet girl. <3

Morning cleaning time turned into moving time too!

Lucy’s puppy pen was cleaned out and made ready for Oakley and the Aussaliers. We’ll start them in this bigger pen with dividers for now.

Then Lucy and her pups moved next door into another puppy pen without the dividers to give them more room.

And the downstairs smaller puppy pen was cleaned out and made ready for Hazel and her crew. Although they are just two weeks old today so they won’t move for another week or so.

Hope is waiting for her next batch of puppies to hover over. 😉

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  1. didi says:

    love that sweetiw Hope!

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