Well, this is embarrassing

Well, I missed a week! I moved Hazel puppies into the puppy pen on there “three-week-old” weekend, got pictures and shared the blog post about it, but totally forgot to get their official portraits that week! I’m so sorry :/

But I did remember to take their pictures on Friday when they turned four weeks old. And they have names now!

They are starting to toddle around and explore more too. You can really see the waves in their coats and their little personalities are emerging. Now is when the fun begins!


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6 Responses to Well, this is embarrassing

  1. David Yarmus says:

    These blk and white puppies are amazing— there will be some very lucky people getting them especially as u r the breeder
    Love them
    David from ny your fan🐶

  2. Jerda Smeltzer says:

    Little charmers!!!

  3. Kerry Kelley says:

    They are so precious! Can’t wait for puppy matching day!!!!

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