And they’re off!

Yesterday was another busy Puppy Delivery Day for our purebred Poodle litter from Lucy. It’s always a favorite day for me. There’s almost another better than handing over a cute, furry puppy to its excited new family. <3

But Puppy Delivery Day prep starts before the actual day. There are baby snuggle blankets to make for each puppy, paperwork to prepare, health records to complete, bags of food to fill up, and of course the Saturday night beauty treatment for each puppy. They get their toenails trimmed, ears cleaned and a bubble bath before being tucked into bed for the night.

Leia and I enjoying the warmth of the wood stove after her bath.

Sunday morning comes early as I’m up to make sure the puppies have breakfast early enough to settle in their stomachs before we hit the windy road that takes us away from home.

We usually start meeting families in Spokane around 10:30. So that means leaving the house around 7:30 after taking care of the rest of the crew before heading out (other moms/puppies, adult dogs, horses, etc). I like to arrive about 30 minutes before the first family so the puppies have time to get out and stretch their legs and go potty

Having a truck is handy as the bed makes the perfect playground for the pups and a place to have the big litter box.

After the pups have their break, I put them back in the crate in the truck with some “brunch”. Since they have breakfast early they get lunch early so we can get some food in their bellies before they head home with their families.

While the pups hang out there, it’s time to meet the families, go over paperwork, health records and all the goodies in each puppy’s bag.

When all that is done then we bring the cuteness out and introduce them to their families. If I were to hand out the puppies first, nobody would hear a word I tell them with the cute distractions. (There is a method to my madness 😉 )

Then we take family photos, let the pups have another potty break, do a little visiting and everyone heads out for home.

Han now Frenchie

Luke, name to be decided, but possibly Truffles (I’m really not that bad of a photographer, his mom politely asked to not have her picture posted). 😉

Leia now Lily.


Happy life, puppies!


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4 Responses to And they’re off!

  1. David Yarmus says:

    Really cute u travel 3 hrs amazing and u did not keep any as u did not want a black female if I remember, well they were lucky, I would think it’s sad to say good bye, but then again u have a house full
    Question now I know about the poodles —what happened to the rooster.
    I have so much energy u have -I said u were amazing
    Writing and pictures
    U have a lot of land I can see and so many animals I have 1 wonderful baby and watch him eating and potty u have so many I would be afraid but it’s your successful business
    I say congratulations another wonderful Sunday
    Cant wait for next story and when u r opening for new applicants as I really don’t think people will wait that many months if they want a puppy even though they would be lucky to get 1 of yours as u r theBEST!

  2. Julie Gruenke says:

    The adorableness of it all is beautiful. I’m on the list and know it will take awhile before I am standing in Spokane with my fur baby. But it will be worth the wait! ❤️🐾🐾

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