At the vet’s

The Aussaliers had a vet appointment yesterday, but before that Lucy and Amber had an appointment at the groomers. So hubby took the girls in in the morning and dropped them off at the groomer’s. Then we I headed into town a few hours later with the puppies, I swung by the groomers and picked up the girls first.

Then we continued on down the road for the puppies’ appointment.

When I was there last week with the Poodles, the vet came out to let me know how things went afterwards. As she was heading back inside, I asked her if she wouldn’t mind taking my camera and snapping pictures of the pups for me. Since I still can’t go inside, I miss out on all the cute exam pictures. She was sweet and snapped one of each pup.

This week after the girls had carried the puppy crate inside, I got Lucy and Amber out of their crate and took them for a walk to see if they needed to go potty. As I neared the truck to put them away, the vet had come outside. I thought maybe she had a question before starting on the exams. But instead she pointed to the window and said “I thought you’d like to get a picture.”

And there were four of the ladies each one holding a pup at the window for me so I could get a picture!

Such a sweet gesture! <3

The puppies came back outside when they were finished and got a potty break. Everyone did great!

Then it was time to load up and head down the road. I had a couple stops to make before we headed for home. I ended up running into a friend with her little boy at the grocery store so when we got back to the truck they had to say “hi” to the puppies too.

It was another fun day with the puppies!



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