Warning: this post contains dangerously cute pictures!

I see you’ve disregarded my warning and have scrolled down into the danger zone! Well, okay if that’s what you want to do. 😉

I tried to warn you…

I told you so…

“I is cute!”

Twin posers!

“Is this a good pose, mom?”

“Mom, can I have some privacy here?”

“I’m holding still so you can take the picture.”

“I know I’m cool.”

“Mom tells me I’m handsome.”

“Are you still looking at us? My mom warned you we were dangerously cute!”


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4 Responses to Warning: this post contains dangerously cute pictures!

  1. Patti says:

    I sure hope that these beauties are aussaliers . I just love them

  2. Joanne Hrycak says:

    I should have listened what beautiful dogs. My two puppies are sleeping and that can’t read this text but they are cute also. I would send a picture but I don’t no how to do that🤣🐾🐾

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