And off we go!

Saturday night was bath night for the Aussaliers to have them ready for Sunday’s Puppy Delivery Day.

They weren’t thrilled with the whole process but they “tolerated” the baths anyways. 😉 Although Mesa looks like she’s quite peeved with me!

Then it was time to tuck them in bed for the night in preparation for our early departure in the morning.

Saturday night was “short” for me as after tucking puppies in I had to finish my packing and getting organized since I was leaving for a week too.

I woke the pups up early Sunday morning so they got breakfast early enough to settle in their tummies and have a bathroom break before we hit the road. (The road leaving our house is windy either way you go and the last thing I want is breakfast coming back up for the pups!)

The commuter traffic was insane on Sunday morning. (hehehe…the tom turkeys were out in full force strutting for the ladies. This time of year there are flocks of turkeys everywhere with lots of fanfare).

Precious cargo in the back seat. <3

A quick stop in town. Breakfast of champions. (*face palm)

We arrived safely at our destination. Look at those cute faces!

Then it was time for a potty break and some time to get the wiggles out before meeting their new families. After their break they went back in the crate in the truck for “brunch” (since they had an early breakfast) while I met with their new families and went over all the paperwork, health records and puppy information.

Then it’s time to meet the families!

Tucson now Scooter

Mesa now Duchess

Yuma (name to be decided, and they asked that I not share their faces online 🙂 )

Phoenix (name to be decided)

After meeting their families they had another chance to go potty and play and get a drink before everyone headed off to their respective homes (or waited for flights to head home).

Happy life puppies!

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