Just checking in!

Hope everyone is well! Just checking in from sunny California. I drove down right after sending puppies home on Sunday in Spokane. Made it about an hour north of Klamath Falls and slept for a bit then finished the trip getting into my destination about noon on Monday. We’ve (my brother and SIL) have been busy trying to sort through things at my dad’s house (my childhood home) as my dad now lives with them. My grandparent’s moved into that house in 1950 so my dad lived there starting in high school. Then moved back in after he and my mom got married to help care for his ailing mother. So as you can imagine there is a lot of “stuff” to go through.

I found my grandparent’s high school diplomas. I found a book belonging to my grandmother with a birthday inscription from her grandmother. I love old things and since these are family treasures it’s even more cool. It also slows the process because I want to look at everything.

But I digress, I got on here to let everything know how the Hazel puppies are doing!

Hubby is doing a great job taking care of the whole crew at home. He even oversaw a “wedding” while I was gone. *wink, wink* (Don’t worry. It was planned and I told him which happy couple to put together).

He moved Hazel and her puppies upstairs into a bigger puppy pen. The camera is set up so I can sneak a peak and watch the babies. And he took some pictures and videos for me so I could see the cuties playing. So I’ll share the cuteness with you now.

They’re having so much fun!❤️



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