Back in WA

Hi everyone!

I’m back home in WA! It’s so nice be back in the PNW with fresh air, blue skies and some elbow room. My brother has a nice little ranchette in the country were I stayed while visiting which was a blessing. But driving the CA freeways (and busy streets in my hometown) reminded me of how grateful I am to live where I do. (I was reminded how dirty, smoggy and crowded the city can be.) :/

It’s going to take a few days for me to get back in the swing of things as I “recover” from the long drive. (I left my brother’s at 4:40 am, picked my friend up at 5 am and we hit the road. We got home at 11:18 pm last night.) Yep, we did it in one day! It took a bit longer than normal because we had gas, potty and food stops. Plus I wanted my friend to see some sights along the way that she hadn’t seen before. And we would’ve knocked off an hour if we’d been able to take the ferry. But we got there too late so had to drive all the way around which adds on an hour. Thankfully, the road and weather were great and the truck did it’s job nicely.

But for now let me share the cuteness that awaited me at home! (I’m a few days late, but here are Hazel’s puppies’ six-week-old pictures). Aren’t they adorable?! <3




Hubby did a great job taking care of everyone and even working on some house projects!


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6 Responses to Back in WA

  1. Manu Caiafa says:

    I’m so glad you got back home safe. The puppies are so beautiful!❤️🙏🐶

  2. jonnastar6 says:

    Welcome home! Those puppies are all beyond precious!! Hope you had a Happy Easter!

  3. Marilyn says:

    Love it that you share your life with us!

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