Aunt Hope and the tunnel

The puppies had fun today meeting Auntie Hope and playing in the tunnel. Auntie Hope sometimes likes to sneak upstairs and sleep in a crate or bed. I went up to let the puppies out to play and found Hope snoring, curled up on Snuggles the Snake. So I set up the play area, opened the pen door and attached the ramp so the puppies could come out. They immediately had to go say “hi” to Hope and check her out.

I “saved” Hope from their rambunctiousness and put her on the outside of the pen with a bed should she want to go back to napping. The puppies then turned to their assortment of toys and the tunnel to play.



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2 Responses to Aunt Hope and the tunnel

  1. Didi says:

    That Hope is a character! Have grown to love her so waiting for my turn up ❤️

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