They’re here!

Well, it’s a good thing I got home when I did!

Let me explain……A dog’s average gestation is sixty-three days. But it can range anywhere from fifty-nine to seventy days depending on ovulation, breeding, etc. My girls seem to usually end up whelping (delivering) between more like sixty to sixty-three days.

I always count sixty-three days from the first breeding and mark that in my planner for each girl. I knew when I planned the trip to visit my dad that Gracie’s “day” was today. But since most don’t wait until day sixty-three I aimed to be home by Sunday which would’ve been day fifty-nine to be on the safe side.

To help track the approximate time the babies will show up in the world I take the mom’s temperature twice a day. A normal dog’s temperature is around 101.5. But as mom’s body prepare’s for delivery her temperature will start to lower (don’t ask me why but it’s pretty cool!) About a week before it will drop down to around 100.5 or in the 99’s. Then about 8-12 hours before whelping her temperature will actually drop clear down to around 98.6ish.  Not every dog will follow this pattern but with the ones that do it sure is helpful!

So I had hubby (and my SIL helped) take Gracie’s temperature on Friday and Saturday just to give me an idea where she was at. She was still in the “normal” range. But he didn’t take it Sunday at all. Since we (my friend drove home with me) got home so late Sunday night and we were exhausted I didn’t even think to take her temperature that night. But when I got up Monday morning (and she had been a bit restless that night) I took it. It was 99.5. Hmmmm….was it going down or was it lower on Sunday and on its way back up? Since I didn’t have a reference from Sunday all I could do was guess.

Monday she was on and off restless. I switched out her bed for some newspaper since most moms like to do some digging and nesting, which she did.

Monday we went to bed (me on the couch of course next to Gracie’s crate) and she was restless, digging through her paper nest on and off for a few hours. Then in the wee hours of Tuesday morning the first pup arrived around 3:30 am. Sometimes puppies come ten minutes apart and sometimes it’s two hours between puppies so I just dozed on and off the rest of the morning until she was finished (and then I took a nap!)

We ended up with four gorgeous girls and one handsome boy puppy. They are all in the shades of apricot/red. As they get older we’ll be able to better see if they are truly red or a dark apricot. Either way they’ll be stunning! They are all doing well and gaining weight speedily.

These puppies will be matched with families already on our waiting list. Just a reminder anyone that is already on our Cavapoo waiting list can email me to let me know that they are interested in this litter. Please make sure you are available for a phone call on Puppy Matching Day (Sunday, May 16th) and can meet me in Spokane on Sunday, June 6th to pick up your puppy. (We won’t be able to “hold” any from this litter past that date because we’ll be too busy with other puppies). As Puppy Matching Day approaches I will put all those names that reached out in the order they are on the main Cavapoo waiting list) before I make calls and match puppies with their families. Obviously, those that are farther up the list have a better chance to be matched with a puppy. But you never know what can happen, so if you’re on the list and interested, please let me know!

(I’m sorry but our list is still closed for those wondering and we are not accepting any new applications. We do not have an expected date to reopen either. But when we have news it will be posted on our blog and website. Also for those who may ask “if you have any leftover puppies please let me know”. There won’t be “leftovers” as we have plenty of families on our waiting list to be matched with these pups).



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  1. Manu Caiafa says:

    You made my day, Jennifer! They are so gorgeous!❤️🐶

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