A trip to the vet

Hazel’s puppies had their “town day” when they went in for their vet appointment on Wednesday. They fussed for a few minutes after they were loaded in the crate in the truck, but settled down nicely (as puppies usually do) and were quiet the rest of the way to the vet.

Cute faces! <3

Potty break before heading inside for their exams.

And again, our great doctor lined the girls up at the window with the “kids” so I could get a picture. They treat our pups so well. <3

We had another potty/water break before loading up again. I grabbed a late lunch/dinner for me in the next town and offered the pups some of their dinner too.

When we got home I knew the pups would need a potty break so I took them out to the garden to relieve themselves and also let them run around and stretch their legs after being in (and out) of their crate for most of the afternoon.

There’s a lot of roughhousing going on with puppies. 😂

Well, she “was” clean!

Call me weird, but I think that’s a cute little bum! Look at her black spot with the white tail and white patch under….so unique!

They had so much fun!



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  1. Claudia Knauss says:

    Just love to see those little ears flying high!

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