Puppy Delivery Day

Puppy delivery day starts before the actual day. The week prior to the puppies going home they have their vet exam and health paperwork completed. If they are traveling across the state line we are required to get a health certificate from our vet. She also fills out a “health sheet” for each puppy (which I fill out with puppies name, description etc) and print before the vet appointment. If the owner wants a microchip than the vet do that also.

The last week I’m also putting the finishing touches on a puppy bag for each puppy with so fun things and some essentials. I have to wait until after the vet appointment to complete the last of the paperwork that’s added to each puppy’s folder. I try to have all this done and the bags packed in my truck (with the crate, litter box and other things I need) on Friday.

Saturday is our “rest day” from business activities and other weekday work. Of course, the animals are taken care of but it’s the day to fellowship with our church family and spend time in God’s second “book”; nature. I’m so glad our Creator set aside a day for us all to recharge and spend with Him.

After sundown on Saturday it’s back to work! Since the puppies and I get up early on Sunday, I don’t have time to bathe them that morning. So Saturday night they get their baths and “beauty treatment” (toenail trim, trim facial hair if it’s bad around their eyes, clean the ears, etc).

Then this morning I woke them up early so they have a chance to eat, the food to settle and they could go potty before we hit the road.

Once we got to Spokane (I like to get there about 30 minutes before my puppy meeting time) so the puppies and I get a potty break. (Thankfully, the hotel has a bathroom for me :P) The pups have time to get a drink and get some wiggles out before they settle back in their crate with some brunch (since they had an early breakfast)while I talk with their new families.

I also had time to fluff them up again with the slicker brush and give them a spritz of Rowe Casa Organics Doggy Calming Spray to make their day less stressful.

Then it’s my favorite time! I love handing over these cute bundles of love to their excited families! <3

Bambi (name to be determined)

Flower now Willow

Thumper (named to be determined)

Happy life, puppies!

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  1. Christina says:

    The energy in their wiggles 😂 so cute!

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