It’s her fault!

This past Monday I had to drive my friend into the airport so she could fly home. I wish she could’ve stayed longer…..

After dropping her off that morning I started driving north towards home and thinking about if there were any stores I “needed” to stop at while I was in Spokane (besides Costco).

*Lightbulb moment*

Hobby Lobby! I’m almost always in Spokane on Sundays when HL is closed. I could actually stop and look around. I’d only been there maybe once before since they opened in Spokane several years ago and they have so much fun stuff to look at.

My friend and I were texting as she was getting checked in at the airport and later after she landed in Seattle. I told her if I bought anything at Hobby Lobby that day that it was her fault! hehehe

Well, I found some things to “cutesy” up the dog house!

And hubby even helped me hang them up the next day. 😉

On the window sill by the tub and grooming table. 😜

Hanging over the door as a good reminder 👍

Truth❤️ Hung this on the wall above their crates. (They each have a crate to eat and sleep in).

This one is probably my favorite and it’s hung by the door that goes out into the yard….for obvious reasons 😂

And a little something for mom’s bad hair days. 😉

It’s a good thing I’m usually in Spokane only on Sundays!!

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4 Responses to It’s her fault!

  1. Kim says:

    I absolutely love hobby lobby. Very dangerous place to wander

  2. Kiki Stelly says:

    I think the agenda needs to start with “let dog out” logically.

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