It’s kind of weird

The day after a litter goes home it just feels weird around here; like something is missing. Sometimes I find myself heading upstairs to take care of the puppies first thing in the morning and then remember they’re not there.

Right now with just Gracie’s litter here, it’s very quiet this morning (well, except for Hope and Gracie’s snoring competition…..)

Many times on puppy delivery day I get asked if it’s sad for me to send the puppies home. “Don’t you get attached to them?”

Yes, I love them and get attached, but I also absolutely love handing over these cute bundles of fluff to their excited new families. That is one of the best parts of this “job”!

One of the harder parts of “dog breeder life” is placing an adult in a new family. That kills me. I always feel horrible and wonder what they must be thinking as they drive off with their new family.

But the reason why I rehome adult dogs is I think they deserve to be the center of someone’s world/family and not just “part of the pack” here. It’s more of adjustment for an adult of course compared to a puppy, but they do adjust. I’ve never seen one that we’ve placed in a retirement home not be happy and content. They are loved and spoiled and treasured pets. Now that’s a good feeling and worth the tears on my end!

Here’s a picture I “stole” from one of our adopters who took Mercy (now Maize). She is so loved and happy in her new home. <3 Nothing makes me much happier than seeing Instagram posts like this!!

Here are more pictures of some of our retirees enjoying their lives of leisure. <3

Rosie and her mom, Jules live together with another of our Cavaliers (that went home as a puppy; Hope, the first).

Cayenne (on the couch) went home as an adult. She “retired” before entering motherhood because her knees weren’t “perfect”.

Sweet Noah who lives with Abe the Cavapoo.

Treasure quickly made herself at her new home. ❤️

These pictures and updates make my day!


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