Bambi needs a new home…asap

I got an early morning phone call from “Bambi’s” new owner that things are not working out and she needs to rehome him (there is nothing wrong with this puppy, by-the-way) as soon as possible. She is located in Chelan, WA.

I would like to match him with someone on my waiting list already and someone on the west side of WA so we can make this happen sooner rather than later. I would guess he will come with some supplies and the new family would be paying her for the puppy.

So if you are on my list and are interested in Bambi (the tricolor male from Hazel & Dickens litter) please email me as soon as possible. I’d like to collect names and talk with potential families today.

In your email, please include a bit about yourself and family situation, experience raising a puppy, and a phone number and time I can reach you today. (I will already have your application but this will lessen the time I need to pull up applications and go over your info).

Since this puppy has only been in its new home for one week so it will be another adjustment for him and stressful. If you cannot handle the noise he will make and don’t have the time to commit to an strict schedule (which he’ll need to adjust ) and have the time and patience  for this toddler (yes, it’s like having a noisy, messy toddler) please do not apply.

Thanks everyone!

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4 Responses to Bambi needs a new home…asap

  1. Amina Wolf says:

    I hope he finds a new home he is adorable.

  2. Liz B says:

    Were you able to find a new home for little Bambi? Cubbie and I have been worried about him and want to make sure he finds a loving home.

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