Weekend walks

It was drizzly and rainy Saturday afternoon but it was still nice to get out in the fresh air for a walk with the dogs. We have a “neighborhood” loop that we like to walk. It’s not long (about 3/4 of a mile) but it’s got some hills so it’s still a bit of a workout (for this out-of-shape person 😛 )

Queen Reba wanted to go also.

Come on, Asher!

My SIL (Sally’s mom) is our next-door-neighbor so we usually do Saturday walks together.

Interesting fact, those aspen trees behind hubby on the left grow on one side of the pond. My BIL (who lives in the house in the previous picture) saw a mountain lion by this pond last week!

I decided Sunday morning I should walk the loop again. (It’s a small start to getting back in shape. 👍)

Both the big dogs went with me this time.

Ben stopped for a drink at the pond.

Then the doll dogs raced towards home.

Go, Ben, go!

Cajsa joins in the fun!

Almost home and they had to have another play season. These two are pretty entertaining. You just have to stay out of their way or you’ll get knocked over!


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