Weekly pictures

Whenever we have a new litter I make an album for that litter on the website. Then each week I take new pictures to share (and update the album with). I try to take them on the day of the week that the litter was born on. So the next few weeks we’ll be taking puppy pictures on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Yesterday I posted three-week-old pictures of Gracie’s pups. Today we have one week old pictures of Lyric’s pups and tomorrow (*drum roll*) I’ll be sharing all about our newest litter of (F1b) Cavapoos from Sage!

And we have names! Sometimes it takes me two to three weeks to come up with a theme for a litter, but this one was easy because of Lyric and it being her first litter.



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4 Responses to Weekly pictures

  1. Diana Vigneau says:

    So beautiful. Can I have another one 😉😉

  2. Connie Hyde says:

    Such preciousness!!!

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