Sage is amazing

As you all know Sage delivered her babies on Monday. I’ve been waiting to share because I always want to make sure the pups are all doing well, getting enough to eat and gaining weight before I spill the beans.

As some of you know Sage has had one other litter with Clancy (our biggest litter to date with nine puppies!) and she had a litter of eight with Sundae. This girl sure has the body structure and ability to safely carry babies and keep her own weight healthy. And she seems to deliver with ease and settle down to tend to her babies like any good mama should.

Ultrasounds can confirm pregnancy and if you take it at just the right time and have a good eye you can get an estimate on number of puppies. I’m not that good at reading it so it’s still usually a guess on litter size.

She was pretty plump with this litter too so I figured that belly was packed again with precious little bundles. I wasn’t wrong either!

And I’m so thankful she decided to have daytime babies. I can’t tell you how much easier that is on me! 😛

She had her first baby just before ten in the morning and finished up with her eighth baby just after two in the afternoon!

Moms out there, can you imagine having eight babies and delivering one every thirty minutes?! I mean the human body is incredible, but dogs are pretty amazing creatures themselves. And she didn’t even act like it was a big deal. She just got down to business, no fuss, no muss. Although when she was done, she was ready for a nap!

I wondered what colors we’d get. If you remember her other litter with Clancy produced one red, four black and four merle puppies.

So I was surprised when the first four puppies came out all red/apricots! Then a little black one popped out. Then another apricot. Then our only merle for this litter. And lastly another beautiful black puppy! So she switched things up this time and kind of reversed everything! That’s what’s so fun about parent dogs that can produce a variety of colors. You never know what you’ll get until the arrive! It’s such a fun surprise.

One black beauty❤️

This one came out hungry!

A pile of beauties!

And I must add that even though she had eight puppies none of them were teeny tiny. All the pups were great sizes ranging from the smaller at 7.3 ounces up to the heaviest at 9.9 ounces. They are all gaining nicely (even though they sometimes squabble over the milk bar).

These F1b Cavapoo puppies will be matched with families on our waiting list. Puppy Matching Day will be the same as Lyric’s puppies (because the following Sunday I will be delivering Gracie’s puppies to their new families. And the Sunday after that is only two weeks away from Sage’s Puppy Deliver day which doesn’t give the newly matched families a lot of time to prepare). So Puppy Matching day will be Sunday, May 3oth and Puppy Delivery day will be Sunday, June 27th (the week after Lyric’s).

Addendum…I forgot to share genders! (my poor brain!)

We have three apricot males, one red male, one apricot female, two black females, one merle female.

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  1. Didi says:

    What a great mommie!

  2. Manu says:

    Wow! What a beautiful and colorful littler! You made my day with the puppies pictures! Could you tell their genders?❤️🐶

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