Change of colors

Sage’s big bunch are already one week old today! They are doing nicely, although someone has to still be fairly close by because Sage sometime gets up and lays down…on a puppy. So I’ll hear this distressed, muffled cry and run to rescue it. I don’t know why mom doesn’t “worry” about it, but she doesn’t seem to be upset by the noise. Dogs are so weird sometimes…

Thankfully despite their clumsy mother the pups are all doing well. Five of the eight are at one pound or over. The three “smallest” black female (yellow collar), apricot male (orange collar) and the merle girl are not far behind though weighing in at; 14.5 oz, 15.4 oz and 15.8 oz.

The will get their first teeny, tiny toenail trim today (those sharp nails are killer on mom’s soft tummy), their ENS (Early Neurological Stimulation) and I changed their collars, from ribbons (which I use at birth to identify each one) to adjustable paracord collars (which aren’t quite small enough for newborn Cavapoos).

But I don’t have the same color ribbons and collars (especially since we have more than one litter using them). So I had to switch some colors up!

Blue now has a blue/green collar

Green is now army green

Purple is now purple/blue/pink

Brown is now tan

Yellow got her yellow collar a few days ago

Orange stayed orange

The merle girl didn’t have a color so I gave her a rainbow-ish one.

And the closest to pink I had was red.

And now for the group photos (in birth order).❤️


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6 Responses to Change of colors

  1. Ryan Gaylord says:

    Just wondering if this is the litter with the larger sized cavapoos?

  2. Didi says:

    Way to go Sage ! 8 puppies wow!

  3. Anastasia E Garrison says:

    so so precious!

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