Cajsa got a boo-boo a few days ago. It looks like she ran into something a tore a flap of skin on her side. Country dog problems.

I’ve been treating it, but she keeps licking it which just hinders the healing process more. I have E-collars for small dogs but nothing her size. And I didn’t really want to drive a couple hour round trip to the vet to buy one. Or even ordering one online would take a couple days to get here.

Well, this morning I had a “light bulb” moment and remembered something I had seen on the internet. Tah-dah!

“Really mom?”

I had some pool noodles laying around that I had picked up to make an obstacle (course) for my horse. And every country girl know that there are many other uses for hay bale string besides tying hay bales. 😉

Holding her paw while the medicine soaks in.

“I refused to look at the camera”

Chilling with Winter in the house. She is not a happy girl. But this should give the wound a break from her over-active tongue so it can heal up!

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4 Responses to Improvise

  1. Diana Vigneau says:

    Absolutely brilliant!! I’ll pass this along to my clients.

  2. Jerda Smeltzer says:

    Clever! I’m going to remember this. A great use for my stash of bailing twine.

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