Rest, recharge and restart

Saturday hubby went to church then for a hike with friends. I had church online at home because I couldn’t leave Aurora. The day was quiet and restful. I even took a nap!

And I got to hang out with all these cutie pies! <3

But then Sunday the new week started and it was back to work!

Gracie and her babies were needing more room. So we packed up their little suitcases and moved them upstairs into bigger quarters. Here they were introduced to their first crate which they’ve been sleeping in for naps and at night.

The back of the pen is partitioned off and the litter boxes are close to the opening of the crate for easy access. Once they are a bit older, we’ll take the partitions out and move the litter boxes into the back corner of the pen.

Then I moved Sage and her big bunch into Gracie’s old “apartment” (the small puppy pen). With most average-sized litters I don’t move them into the puppy pen until they are around three-weeks-old. They kind of get lost in all that space. But Sage was needing more room.

And you can see I did not introduced them to the litter box quite yet as they are still awful young. I placed potty pads over the floor of the pen with a big bed. This is about the only time I use potty pads on the “floor” for puppies. They’ll soon be introduced to the UGOdog litter box system.

And that’s how we got the week rolling! And of course, Monday we were in the labor and delivery with Aurora. More details on that soon!

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