So big!

Gracie’s puppies are growing up so fast! We will be matching these pups this coming Sunday with families on our waiting list! (I will post another post with the names we have on the litter list in the order that they are on the main waiting list so everyone knows where they are at in the calling process).

We did pictures yesterday and we did them outside because the area in the house where I usually take pictures is now occupied by Aurora and her family.

Bunny~3# 10 oz

Easter~3# 15 oz

Cadbury~3# 13 oz

Jelly Bean~3# 12 oz

Peeps~3# 8oz

And they got to meet Cajsa and check out the funny green stuff on the ground.

From my observations at this point, it seems that Jelly Bean and Cadbury are our most adventurous and outgoing pups. The other three take a bit more “warm up” time to dive into something new. It will be fun to see them in the next few weeks as they all become more playful and silly.

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