Cuddle those Cavapoos!

Yes, our Cuddle Cavapoos have arrived! Aurora graced me with a daytime delivery on Monday. She has five beautiful babies. (She had six but we lost one).

I was surprised when the first one was born. It was so tiny compared to Aurora. I really thought these bigger sized Cavapoo pups would weigh a lot more. But they came out the same size as our average-sized Cavapoo pups do at birth!  In fact, I think Gracie and Sage may have had some bigger ones at their births. These pups do have the potential to grow bigger though so it will be interested to see how the next few weeks play out as they grow and develop. I’m excited for the process!

I was a little concerned with such little puppies that they’d be in danger of being squished or stepped on by their large mom as she got up and down or moved around. But Aurora has been very good with them. Mostly the only time I have to help is when she gets up and lays down away from them. We have her in a big kiddie swimming pool and there’s a lot of space for her, but is seems ginormous for the little puppies to navigate. So I “help” by placing them back by mom when she moves.

This second one came out and I thought it was a tricolor until it started to dry and I held it up to the light. It’s actually a dark sable parti.

In fact, all three dark puppies are sables. All the pups are parti (meaning a color with white patches). We have two Blenheim boys and two sable parti girls and one sable parti boy.

Actually if you want to get technical, they are sable phantom parti. (A phantom in Poodle terms has the lighter cheek patches, eyebrow, under the tail etc.) You can see it well in this picture.

But all sables will lighten up, some more than others. Here is a picture of Aurora as an eight-week-old puppy. Her muzzle would’ve been darker in the picture but it was shaved for her puppy groom. As an adult she is now more apricot looking but her ears has kept some of the darker color.

Addendum….My poor brain forgot to mention that we are starting the litter list for anyone on our Cavapoo waiting list that is interested in this litter. The puppy matching day will be Sunday June 14th and pups will go home on Sunday, July 11th. Remember these are the larger Cavapoos expecting to mature in the 25-40 lb range. This is only an estimate that I have gotten from fellow breeders of the larger Cavapoos. Since this is our (and Aurora’s) first litter we don’t have any past pups to know their mature weight/height might end up being.

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  1. Staci Garrison says:

    They are just precious!

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