Gracie’s litter list

Here are the names of the people that have been asked to be added to Gracie’s litter list that we will be matching this Sunday. These names are in order as they are on the main waiting list.

I will start at the top and work my way down with phone calls. I’ll be honest though, the pups will probably go to the first five people at the top of the list since these are our most requested color. Although occasionally someone that I reach out to will pass if their “favorite” puppy was already picked or they want a certain gender which have all been matched.

So if those top people can please be close to their phones Sunday morning that would be super helpful. And make sure your voicemail is not full and that I have a current, working phone number. If I can’t reach you, I can’t match you with a puppy.

  • Vicki S
  • Katrina G
  • Stephanie B
  • Kim L
  • Grant N
  • Cindy C
  • Jennifer L
  • Beverly W
  • Lauren M
  • Monica S
  • Rebecca E
  • Manu C
  • Jenise S
  • Kim W
  • Kelsey E
  • Shawn M
  • Sara S
  • Tasha B
  • Pamela R
  • JoAnn K
  • Sheena H
  • Rupa N
  • Pamela V
  • Nataliya S
  • Delaney L
  •  Deanna F
  • Jessica S
  • Chloe L
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