Current litter list

Since we will be matching both Lyric and Sage’s litters this weekend (this is for families  currently on our Cavapoo waiting list. The pups are not available to the general public), I have combined both lists into one since we will be matching them at the same time. I’ve indicated by each name whether they are on one or the other list or if the person is interested in either litter.

These names are in the order that they are on the main Cavapoo waiting list so everyone can see where they are positioned in phone call order. Please remember that more people may still be added to the list as we take names up until noon on Friday.

Once Friday afternoon arrives and we have the final list, I will start reaching out to the top people in hopes of getting the first couple puppies matched. I may even send out an email or two Saturday night. So please check your emails and voicemails before Sunday if you’e one of the top people. Since we have thirteen pups to match in one day, getting a jumpstart on matching would be super helpful.

I always try to call first. If I don’t reach the person I will leave a voicemail. If I don’t hear back within fifteen minutes, I will also send an email, but I will move on down the list if I don’t hear back from that person.

If I missed getting you on the list, I’m sorry. Please reach out before Friday and I will add you. If you are on the list and no longer want to be please let me know so I can remove your name.

And just a reminder, Lyric’s puppies are F1 Cavapoos (purebred Poodle parent and purebred Cavalier parent). Sage’s puppies are F1b Cavapoo (F1 Cavapoo parent and purebred Poodle parent).

  • (Sage) April D
  • (Sage) Elsie W
  • (Sage) Tyler R
  • (Lyric) Jennifer L
  • (Sage) Lauren M
  • (L & S) Monica S
  • (L & S) Rebecca E
  • (Sage) Staci & Kevin G
  • (Sage) Manu C
  • (L & S) Jenise S
  • (Sage) Kim W
  • (Lyric) Lori M
  • (L & S) Thaiha N
  • (L & S) Sara S
  • (L & S) Natasha B
  • (L & S) Pamela R
  • (L & S) Paula M
  • (Lyric) Joann K
  • (L & S) Sheena H
  • (L & S) Rupa N
  • (L & S) Nataliya S
  • (L & S) Delaney L
  • (Lyric) Jessica S
  • (L & S) Chloe L

If you’re towards the bottom of this list please don’t get discouraged and put your phone  away for the day. I would expect to get quite far down this list before all the pups are matched. Inevitably some people will pass if they favorite pup (or color or gender) was picked before I get to them.

I can’t wait to match them with their families! <3

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