Four weeks old

How do puppies grow so fast? How can Sage’s family of eight be four weeks old already? They are all roly-poly puppies. Fat and sassy! Sage knows how to produce cream-shakes for her babies, for sure!

We will be matching these babies and Lyric’s babies this Sunday. I will continue taking names from anyone off of our Cavapooo waiting list that would like to be added to the list to call on Sunday.

***You can be on one or both litter lists. The names will be put in order as they are on the main list before I start matching. And I will try to get the current lists posted asap in the order that they would be on the main list so everyone knows where they are. Although remember that more people could reach out between now and Friday.

And between now and the end of the week I will be posting as many videos and pictures of these two litters as I can to help people with their decisions on Sunday.

Also for those wanting a curly coat because of allergy issues, within an F1b litter only a percentage of puppies will have the curlier coat. The others will be like an F1 coat. There is never a guarantee on adult coat. All we can do is give you an educated guess.

“Basil”~ F1 coat, weighs 3# 3 oz

“Oregano”~curly, weighs 3# 4 oz

“Fennel”~F1 coat, weighs 2# 8oz (she is second to the smallest and seems to be smaller boned)

“Tarragon”~curly coat, weighs 2# 15 oz

“Marjoram”~curly, weighs 2# 7 oz (she is the smallest pup and also finer boned)

“Parsley”~F1 coat, weighs 2# 14 oz

“Lavender”~wavy/curly, weighs 2# 13 oz

“Rosemary”~curly, weighs 3# 1 oz

Aren’t they previous?!🥰

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  1. Staci Garrison says:

    Rosemary’s picture doesn’t show again😁

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