It’s always a satisfying feeling to complete a puppy matching day and get the current litter matched with their forever families. And since there were two litters that we were matching (Sage and Lyric’s) it was even more of a challenge and time-consuming. But I’ll have to say that things went really smoothly and I think everyone is very happy with the puppy they have chosen. Now for the weeks to go by quickly for the families so they can actually get those pups in their arms!

And in the meantime throughout the day, puppy care and training continued.

Gracie’s pups go home in just one week so we have six more days and seven more “sleeps” to continue their training. Most days they are eating their meals individually in crates. They’re not always happy about it because they do love eating together. But it’s important for them to get used to being independent.

They are still using their potty boxes inside but we’re also trying to get them outside for potty breaks too.

And they are getting used to sleeping in their own crates at night. Granted, it’s a short night, but it’s a start.

I started them out sleeping together in one crate, but now they each have their own for bedtime.

Dinner is finished around 6 pm so they have plenty of time to potty and play before bed. I let them crash together when all the other dogs go to bed. Then later (around 11:30ish) I drag myself upstairs and wake them up to go potty again. Once they are done going potty it’s bad to sleep but now I place each one in their own crate. They each have a small blanket and a stuffed animal to cuddle up with. Lights are off and I hit the hay.

My alarm sounds around 5 am to go let them out to potty first thing. After that I let them hang out together in their puppy pen and go get a bit more sleep. And that’s how our routine is going. (And for their new parents, they are eating three times a day at around 7-7:30, 12-12:30 and dinner around 5-5:30).

Puppy training can be exhausting, but it is satisfying to watch them “get it” and improve in their training and understanding!

And now it’s time to get everyone ready for bed! See you tomorrow 👋


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