Today Aurora’s babies are three weeks old. Their eyes are open, but they are still just pulling themselves around the crate on their round tummies and wobbly legs. They are growing and filling out well. I’m still not sure what sizes they will be but I posted their current weights.

That bed was clean and neat not long before the picture was taken. Oh well, they look comfy anyway.

And we have names! I thought it would be nice to give them names that went along with Aurora’s since it’s her first litter.

“Nova”~Blenheim male (black/gray collar)

@ 3 weeks/ 2# 7 oz

“Eclipse”~Sable phantom parti male (green collar)

@ 3 weeks/ 2# 5 oz

“Comet”~Blenheim male (gray collar)

@ 3 weeks/2# 7 oz

“Solstice”~Sable phantom parti female (white collar)

@ 3 weeks/ #3 1 oz

“Zenith”~ Sable phantom parti female (yellow/black collar)

@ 3 weeks/ 2# 6 oz

(For size comparison; Sage’s four biggest pups at this same age (3 weeks) were between 2# 6 oz to 2# 8 oz).

I am taking names of anyone from our Cavapoo waiting list for this litter. So far I only have a couple. If we don’t get enough interest from people already on the list, I will take a few new applications only for these puppies. I’ll make another announcement when they’re a bit older and we see what the litter list ends up looking like. Their puppy matching day is Sunday, June 13th. And Puppy Delivery day is Sunday, July 11th.


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  1. bmerb says:

    Adorable! Are these puppies F1 or F1b?

  2. bmerb says:

    Is there somewhere I could see photos of mom? I saw dad in your cavalier page but didn’t see Aurora on your poodle page.

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