It’s a beautiful day!

Whew! The temperature is more “normal” today and we have a nice breeze.

Gracie pups have enjoyed the morning outside playing, roughhousing and napping. Now they’re enjoying an al fresco lunch together.

Can you find all the puppies?🤔

While upstairs Lyric and Sage babies have taken over a good part of the room to romp, play and nap. I fed them lunch together and then Lyric and Sage went upstairs to top their lunch off with some “milkshakes”. The girls nursed whoever happen to latch on whether it was her pup or not! <3

I’m wrapping up getting things ready for Bunny, Easter, Cadbury, Jelly Bean and Peeps and we head out early Sunday morning to meet their families. So that means finishing their puppy packets with paperwork, instructions, and health records. Then adding all the other goodies to their bags.

I’ll load my truck with the crate, litter box and other essentials so everything is ready for Sunday morning and I don’t have to worry about any of that tomorrow. Saturday night the pups will get their baths so they’ll be squeaky clean for their new families on Sunday.

And today’s the day I “aim” to get some extra housecleaning and cooking dog in preparation for our Sabbath “rest” day. (Although I can’t say how much I’ll get done as the puppies have priority over housecleaning and cooking 😛 Where is my maid and chef??!)

So I’ll “see” you tomorrow night with more Saturday snapshots! 😀

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