It was a hot day!

Yesterday was Gracie’s babies’ check up time. And it was so hot! We do get hot weather here….in August! But having three days in a row of 90 degree temps is a bit much for me (and the dogs). Thankfully the temps are dropping again tomorrow to more normal June temperatures. And the air conditioner in the truck works really well.

But before heading off we snapped their eight-week-old pictures.

After that the babies and I loaded up in the truck and headed out a bit early because there was planned road construction on the way. We made it to the vet’s office in plenty of time for the pups to have a quick potty break.

Before I let them out in the bed of the truck to potty, I unrolled this mat out on the bottom of the bed to keep it cooler for their little feet. I knew that black bed would be hot from soaking up the heat. (Funny, I picked up this mat last summer and hadn’t used it. Hubby questioned me “What did you buy that for?” A year later my questioned purchase came in really handy!

I let them out to potty and get a drink, but we didn’t stay out long as it was soooo hot! They went back in the crate and back in the air-conditioned truck as we waited our turn.

Then they went inside for their exams. I’m still wondering how long this office will be closed for pet parents. Summer is going to be stifling for all of us sitting in our vehicles for an hour in the middle of summer in a hot car in a parking lot with no shade..

And then they were done and we were loaded up and headed home! Luckily the proposed road construction didn’t slow us down too much coming to town or going home. But the pups definitely deserved a break and some fun after being such good travelers and patients at the clinic.

So out to the garden we went! They enjoyed romping through the cool grass in the shade.

And then hubby brought Winter out to see how she would do with the puppies. She did great! It was hilarious to watch her run around the garden with five puppies trailing behind her!


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4 Responses to It was a hot day!

  1. Carol Maillet says:

    Oh my gosh they are sooooo cute. Love all of them

  2. Lisa D Greer says:

    These pups are just adorable. Thank you for sharing all your puppy adventures!!!

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