And just like that, they’re off!

Well, another Puppy Delivery Day is in the books!

The pups and I had a safe trip to Spokane and as far as I know everyone made it home safely. Hopefully the pups will settle into their new lives quickly.

On the way down this morning, I let Jelly Bean has some extra practice time in the soft carrier since she would be flying with her family a bit of a distance. She sat on the floorboards from home to town and did great.

Then when I stopped for a hot drink and a muffin at the local coffee shop, I let her out of the carrier to say “hello”. She had fun watching the activity inside the shop. Then I pulled over after going through the drive-thru to let her join her litter mates for the remainder of the drive.

The pups had a potty/water break once we arrived and then went back in their crate in the truck for brunch. Since they got an extra-early breakfast, I gave them an early lunch while I visited with their families. That gives them a chance to get something in their tummies before they hit the road (or board an airplane).

Then once the pups are given to their new families and get some loving, we let them back in the truck to have another potty and play break before everyone headed their separate ways.

It was a really nice day with a nice group of people!

Happy life, puppies!

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