Making room

Our Cuddle Cavapoos turn four weeks old today. It was high time to move them into bigger quarters upstairs but I wanted to wait until Gracie’s puppies went home yesterday to have space.

This is where we were at downstairs. I had tried to expand the pen like this once and the babies cried and cried. It was too much space and hard to find mom. But just a few days later I opened it up again, put the bed in one half and potty pads in the other (I don’t usually use potty pads but this space wouldn’t fit a litter box) and they “got it”. As you can see by the mess the potty pads were messed up (thanks, Aurora) but the babies were climbing over the divider to use them.

Cleaned things up and turned around to find a new “deposit”.

So while I was in Spokane yesterday hubby did some cleaning, moving and setting up.

Lyric’s pups went to the far pen and no longer have the divider in the pen.

Sage’s pups are right next door to them. Last night I put two crates in for them to sleep in since they’re getting so big and there’s eight of them. I added one large litter box (because that’s all that would fit) in front of the crates.

Then in the morning, I took out one crate and add another litter box for the day.

Having these two litters at the far end of the room makes it easy to set up a big play area for them and utilize the crates on the opposite side when we start using them.

At the other end of the room and nearest the stairs he set up this pen for Aurora. The floor is set as low as possible, but to keep the pups from tumbling out he added a small board. Aurora can easily go out and take a nap away from her pups should she need some “alone time”.

Just a reminder these pups are supposed to be matched this Sunday and I only have two names on my litter list (and one is from Canada so we don’t know if they can even make it work.)

If you are on my waiting list and interested in one of Aurora’s pups please contact me ASAP! If I don’t hear from people already on our Cavapoo waiting list I will accept a few new applications just for this litter.

My original guess was these guys would end up in the 25-40lb range. But four of the five are the same weight range as the three biggest pups in Sage’s litter at this age. My guess is these smaller Cuddles will be more like 25-35 lbs. I think our biggest girl (Solstice) may be closer to her mom’s size.

Now’s your chance! Don’t miss out!

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  1. Kari Kobayashi says:

    Hi, my name is Kari and I also messaged you on Facebook messenger, I wanted to see if you were still taking names for Aurora’s litter, as I am not on your waiting list.

  2. Christina says:

    I just adore their names. And they are just lovely pups. 😍

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