The herbs

The herb garden is growing quickly! ( Otherwise known as Sage’s puppies) 😉 they were six weeks old yesterday!

Here are their new pictures and current weights.

Basil~4# 9 oz

Oregano~4# 14 oz

Fennel~3# 14 oz

Tarragon 4#

Marjoram~3# 7 oz

Parsley~4# 7 oz


Rosemary~4# 8 oz

They are quite the bunch! Some busier than others, some quieter, but all happy and fun. They are having lots of fun playing with their little/big cousins from Lyric’s litter.

Today they got to investigate the garden a bit after having their pictures taken. They were a bit tentative at first and didn’t want to venture out of the basket, but they eventually did. Lavender was our leader and wandered off the farthest to check some things out. Some of them stepped onto the grass and then picked their feet high into the air because it must’ve tickled their tiny toes! It was funny to watch.


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