Weekend recap

Well the week ended with us back at the vet for a quick trip Saturday morning with Chord. He ended up with sore bum for some reason (we think he got some poop stuck on his hair and rubbed his fanny trying to get it off and ended up with a rosy rear end!) Thankfully, the doctor put him on a little anti-inflammatory to calm it down and she gave the thumbs up for him to go home this morning. (I was in touch with his mom the whole time).

(Saturday is our rest day from normal business activities, but we do still take care of the critters and if there’s an emergency or urgent situation the dogs are taken care of, of course.)

After we got home the rest of the day was more relaxing. I even got a short nap in!

The puppies had fun playing together one last day.

Later the in-laws came over for a visit. And the neighborhood dogs got to hang out. (My in-laws Poodle, Annie, my sis-in-laws Cavapoo, Sally, then Reba and Hope.)

After sundown it was bath time for puppies and last minute loading of the truck for our early departure this morning.

Yes, Melody came too. It’s the perfect socializing opportunity.

We got to Spokane early enough that the pups had time for a potty/play break before hanging out in their crate with some brunch while I talked with their new families.

Then it was time to meet their forever families!

Cadence (new name to be determined)

Chord now Herschel

Harmony now Remi

And Sonata now Cammi


The pups got another play potty break before everyone went their separate ways.

Now there’s only one.

Then I stopped by my kids house to give Melody a break and some time to stretch her legs and meet “cousin” Rousey before we headed home.

Here comes trouble! 😂

And then got to spend the rest of Father’s Day with my dad.

I don’t remember the last Father’s Day I’ve gotten to spend with him. <3


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8 Responses to Weekend recap

  1. Staci Garrison says:

    Glad you got some special time with your dad! Treasured moments ❤️

  2. Diana Vigneau says:

    What a beautiful beautiful photo of you and your dad (I can see the resemblance). It’s a frameable keeper. He must really be enjoying the puppies!

  3. Marilyn Pyles says:

    You are a terrific story teller. Always enjoying reading your adventures. Might consider writing a book ( I know LOL, in your “free time”).

  4. furbabyneeded says:

    You are a very loving woman. Your blessed to still have your dad. I can see you Treasure your time with him. Love how you journal for us. Blessings on your time.

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